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Monday, October 1, 2012

Monday Madness!!

The "Hug Me Coat" fell off again!!
Mindy's been loose in the store,
and marked all tubes 15% off!
(Excluding Al Rio, Limited Edition, Packs,
Guest Artists and Charity)
So come on and stop by the store
And start stocking up on Halloween tubes!!
( or regular ones..or heck both!)
Then come on and join us in our Face book group
For our Monday Madness Games!
Tubes and Kits as prizes, you never know what
kind of cool things will come from the minds
of our staff!!!!

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

AIL Halloween Coloring Contest!!!!

Hi again Gang!!
It's that time again!!!!
Time for another AIL
Tag Contest!!! 

We're doing another coloring contest
Thanks to Spazz!! 

She gave us use of her newest witch tube lineart
You can grab that here:
it's under the freebies!

Color it, and then make a Halloween themed tag with it!
Oh..you want a name to put on it?
Well let's make them for Spazz!!!

Once your done
email me your entries here:
And we will make sure Spazz gets them :)

No Moaning about it! LOL

1. Contest runs starting today-September 17, 2012
until October 7, 2012
Winners will be announced October 8th!

2. Make sure credits are clear and readable....and that you follow TOU's!

3. One entry per person!

4. Can be Animated or Non animated!

Ohh...prizes you ask?

1st--5 tubes of choice from AIL Plus Spazz is giving this winner a copy of her colored version of this tube!
2nd-- 3 tubes of choice from AIL
3rd--1 tube of choice from AIL

( Prizes excludes Al Rio, Limited Editions, Charity, Guest Artists and Packs)

That's about it :)
Have fun and good luck!!!!!
Wednesday, August 22, 2012

New Tag!

Hi gang!

Did a new tag tonight
using the artwork of Laeti from AIL
And a tut from Dave's Unique PSP!

You can purchase Laeti's artwork HERE
from AIL

And You can check out Dave's tuts HERE.

Here's my end result!

Hope you like!

Until Next time!

Monday, August 20, 2012

Monday Madness!!

Guess what?? Yep that's right...Mindy's lost her mind again and has set PSP Tubes at 13% off all day!! ( Excluding Al Rio, Guest Artists, Limited Editions and Packs)
Stop on by the store and get a little beginning of the week shopping done!!!!
Also don't forget Monday Madness going on in AIL's FB group! Games, Tubes, fun and more!!!
And don't forget our AIL Anything goes tagging contest!!!!!
Tuesday, August 14, 2012

AIL Tag Contest!

Guess what???
It's time for another AIL Tag Contest!!!!!
So...here's the info:
As Long as it's a AIL artist!!
Make a tag, any artist, any "theme"
anyway you want ( following TOU's of course)
Name on tags:
We're going to make these for the staff
Send your entries to me ( Kelly)
Contest will start today 8-14-2012
and run through 8-31-2012
Winners will be announced on September 1st!
There will be three prizes :)
1st-3 tubes
2nd- 2 tubes
3rd- 1 tube
( Excluding Al Rio, Guest Artists,
Limited Editions, Packs)
Now to the rules....
1. AIL artists
2. Made for Staff member
3. All credits clear and correct
4. Tou's followed
See those didn't hurt did they :)
Good Luck and Have fun!!!!
Wednesday, July 18, 2012

AIL Coloring Contest!!!!

Alright who's ready for another AIL Contest??!

From July 19, 2012 until July 31, 2012

AIL is sponsoring another Coloring Contest!

So what does that entail you ask?

Pick one of the Lalita Radha Line art tubes

in the freebie section ( here's that link again: http://artisticallyinclinedlicensing.com/AIL/index.php?main_page=index&cPath=2 )

Color that Line art and then make a tag with it!

It's that easy!

Also, make sure your copyrights and License # are clear and easily readable!

It can be animated or Non your choice!

Ok. now on to the rules!

Come on...no groaning :p

1. One entry per person per tube ( Ie: you get all three tubes,

you can color all three and make three tags, per person...)

2. Make it Legal!!!

3. Name on tag: Lalita

4. Have fun!

Now you ask...what do I win?

Prizes are as follow:

1st Place-5 tubes of choice from AIL

2nd Place-3 tubes of choice from AIL

3rd Place-1 tube of choice from AIL

( This DOES exclude Al Rio, Limited Edition's, Guest Artists

and Tube Packs)

Oh and the Judge for this? The Artist Herself!!

So, get your Mojo's tied down and have fun!!!

Email your entries to me here:

Tag with Coyotie Scraps

Hi everyone! I'm back with a new tag by Coyotie Scraps! You can purchase her kits HERE. And visit her blog HERE. The artwork used is Michi Art and you can purchase her tubes HERE. The kit used is Wicked Little Cupcake :)

Until Next time....

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